Sunday, March 14, 2010

FeLiZ diA de SaN PatriCio- Happy St Patty's DaY

We had fun! We went to a parade in Fox Lake. Emi and Gael loved it. Beautiful day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BetTeR...Ya EsTamOS MeJoR

We are better now. We were all very sick with the swine flu. Gael, Emili and I all had very high fevers and lots of other fun stuff. Gael also had a nasty case of the baby measles. Not fun.... so after being cooped up for more than a week and now that we are feeling better, off to the museum we went. Emili was very happy to see her friend and have a good time. Gael found a little girl to play with too. We had a good time. Feels good to feel good again. Thanks to everyone for helping us out when we were sick.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

StOp tHe sWiNe

we got it yep... We have the swine flu. I guess it was inevitable... I had translated for a lot of people with it so i guess it was just our turn. We are all very sick and have been since Thursday. This sucks. Below is how Emili J. feels about the dumb stinkin flu...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PaRtY TiMe- QuE emPieZa La PacHGaNga

Checking the cake out!
Smile for the camera big girl...9 years old.

looking for presents, blindfolded.

Still looking...

Still Looking some more....

Gael and Daddy at the park-fireworks

Swinging away with Mommy

Emili looking big.

Thats love...

Gael loving the girls

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Gael standing up...

Looking naughty!

Getting ready for winter..

Emili reading her cards.

Emili opening presents

Gael with his buddy Diego

Emili looking like a WIERDY!


That time of year- that is right . It' s party time. We had a lot of parties to go to recently. We had a corn roast, fireworks, party at my friend Veronica's house, Emili's birthday party and more... Lots of fun. Here are some more pics....from the parties... still trying to recover..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

dAmN CoRN----

Gael and Pops! Emi and Gael. look how much we have changed since the corn last year...
Cerro de la silla.

Monterrey at night.

Emili, Megan and Eddie.

Spikey hair!

Gael and his cousin in Mexico.

All Twilighted out!

View from front door, Monterrey, Mexico.

Beautiful Baby!

Swingin' away!

Gael and his Daddy on a bench in Monterrey, Mexico.

Gael enjoying some blanket!

Juan walking on the bridge to recieve his permanant residency.

bridge from juarez mexico to el paso- the border

Yep-So i wrote about it last year and I am writing about it again. Damn corn is high...that starts, changes happen...weird weather, people get older, things happen, time passes and in a little while we will be waiting for the damn corn to get high again...grrrrrrrrrr.

Lots of changes since the corn last year... I think that we have adjusted well. Gael was born. Megan moved to Florida. Emili lost LOTS of weight! We moved. Went to Mexico. We had some family vacations. Juan got his permanent residency. Juan moved back in with us. Juan got a job, bought a car. Gael got teeth, learned to crawl and stand up. Emili lost teeth, grew 4 shoe sizes, shed more than 30 lbs, grew 2 feet, learned more Spanish. Emili is turning 9 and started 3 grade this week. Emili made it into 4th level at swim lessons and is becoming a beautiful young woman. I lost about 70 lbs!! Lots of change. .... We are adjusting well.

Here are some pics from last years corn to now. Hope that next years corn brings many changes again.........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

LiFe iS gOoD....PuRa ViDa

We are back from Mexico and still busy. I was looking forward to coming back from Mexico and relaxing, but oh well... life is good. Here is some of what we have been doing..

Emili hung out by grandmas and had a great time while we were in Juarez and Monterrey Mexico. She had a great time and of course got spoiled rotten by her grandparents. She has been having fun at daycare since we got back. She has gone everywhere imaginable and done lots of fun things. She went to the Milwaukee Museum and the Windhover Center and learned how to make robots. She has also been adjusting very well to having 11/2 men ( one very little one) in the house now. She is looking forward to cave exploring and going to the planetarium. Lots of fun to be had.
Gael is loving having his Daddy around and according to Emili "is spoiled rotten." He has been having a lot of trouble with ear infections and has had his 6th one recently. Not sleeping...He is having surgery on Tues to put tubes in his ears and hopefully control them somewhat. He is almost crawling and can get around pretty good. He got two teeth last week and has now decided that he is too good for baby food. More to come on how the surgery goes.

Juan received his permanent residency and we got the card in the mail this week. Ya!! It was all worth it. He started work last Friday already and looking forward to his first real paycheck... wait till he sees how much GOOD OLD UNCLE SAM takes..Lol.

Me on the other hand is good, even though i was a victim of identity fraud this week... long story... working hard enjoying life.... loving it.