Tuesday, April 1, 2008

vAcaTioN bOuNd~maS pUesTa qUe uNa CalCeTa PaRa iRmE de VacAciOnEs

Sorry for not blogging. It has been almost a week and I haven't blogged. Geez... busy busy... Getting ready 4 mexico. Vacation time has arrived. My mom and stepdad are in Hawii enjoying the beautiful weather and I am next. I leave next Thursday the 10th. Emili and I have been busy every night lately. Same old work and school, but we had a busy weekend.

On Friday night we did what we doe best...NOTHING... that was nice...

ok i have to get off the computer now...SOMEBODY NEEDS 2 GO 2 BED!!! I promise i will write when I have more time...sorry