Saturday, June 7, 2008

SuMMeR StOrM FuN~ ToRMeNtA de VeRaNo

This afternoon a very powerful stormfront came through. Emili was outside playing and riding around on her bike. I told here that if I came out to get her, that she better come home right away because there was a severe thunderstorm warning. She was outside riding her bike and there was a tornado warning that came up on the a went out to get her, the tornado siren went off and I have never seen her pedal so fast!!! She came biking home as fast as she could and said "oh my gosh, mom, there is a tornado"... We went and took cover for about and hour and a half until we knew that the storm blew over and then I decieded to let her go have some fun in the puddles outside. It was kind of ironic. Emili won a contest this week for her poster on Tornado Saftey. She won first prize for her age group. Even though she knew what to do in case of a tornado, I think someone was panicing a little when she was pedaling her heart out when the tornado sirens went out. Here are some pics of her playing in the afterstorm. This is what her poster said.

1. Go to the basement

2. Duck and cover your head

3. Stay away from windows

4. Take a flashlight