Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FiNdiNg TiMe~EnCoNtRaNdo TieMpO

Finding time to blog seems to be getting harder and harder lately. So here goes. This is what is going on with us lately. I have returned to work and have been back now for 2 weeks. It is like I never left. Work is work I guess. If not they would call it have fun time right? I do appreciate the fact that I have a very flexible job and can see my kids durning the day. We have established a routine for the most part and finding time to myself seems to be a challenge lately. Gael and Emili are adjusting well.

Emili is off this week for spring break and having lots of fun. She is back with my mom on Mondays after school and seems to be enjoying herself. I think Grandma missed her as well! They have been doing lots of fun crafty crap that I hate doing and Emili isn't afraid of missing every second with Gael anymore. She actually wanted to stay overnight at her place the other night. She is struggling right now with pre-diabetes and we are going to see a specialist at CHOW. She is also on a very strict diabetic diet... NO CARBS... since we are eating different now, I have lost 3 pounds already. She is slimming down as well. She has a friend over tonight and they are playing and plan on staying up LATE... we will see.

Gael is adjusting well to daycare. He is on a schedule and eats only twice a day at daycare. I am fortunate enough to be able to go and nurse him when he is hungry. It works out really nice. Emili gets to visit him during the day as well. Here are some pics of them. Well gotta get going someone is waking up again......