Saturday, November 22, 2008

wHaT's NeW?

Well, What's new? Lots of changes as the holiday draws near. Emili finished up her first semester of 2nd grade and got all A's. She is growing like a weed and is getting almost as tall as me. She is looking forward to playing in the snow this winter and the arrival of her new baby brother. December is always fun for Emili because it means my companies holiday party and her Christmas concert. Of course it also means that Santa comes and she has been very good this year.

I have been busy working and working with Emili every night with her homework. Who said kids in 2nd grade don't have a lot of homework? We spend an average of almost 2 hours every night doing her homework and reading. She is learning cursive now and is very excited about writing it. She also has a pen pal which we have been writing to frequently through school. Preparing for the baby is also keeping me quite busy. We have decided on a name and no one seems to like it, but oh well. I do and that is the most important thing. Everyone thinks that it is weird and that is ok with me, because I didn't want to pick something very common. So for right now it will be Gael David Rodriguez. I am 34 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the little guys arrival. I had a very nice surprise baby shower at work and lots of great new presents for the little guy. I guess that is the update on us lately.....