Sunday, November 23, 2008

eMiLi'S LeTTeR 2 SaNtA tHiS YeaR

It brought tears to my eyes as I read Emili's letter to Santa this year. She normally is a good speller, but I think she might have been in a rush. Here is what it said....what a cutie.

Dear Santa,

It's that time of year! My Crhismas (Christmas) pesent (present) is a brother. Well hope you have a good time in the sky with your dear. (deer). Tell Rouhy (Roudhy) I said hi! My name is Emili. I really want a water pruf (proof) camra (camera). I think you are a good man. I am excited for Crhismas (Christmas)! I hope you don't fall of (off)the roof.

Merry Chrimas (Christmas) Santa.

You (Your) Friend,