Monday, March 10, 2008

sOrrY 4 nOt bLoGgiNG

My apologies for not blogging lately. I have been pretty busy. Not a whole lot new. We have just been trying to get things done around the house and trying to visit old friends. I have been trying to not hibernate now that spring is coming. Well here is a little bit of last week.

Emili got pink eye, missed school again. She wasn't feeling well, sick supposedly. She was getting over her cold, when she got pink eye. I have been busy exercising and working hard getting ready for my trip to Mexico in April.

Seems that everyone in my family is going on vacation. My parents are going to Hawaii late this month and then Megan, my sister is going somewhere too. Everybody's got the its been a LONG winter bug I guess. I have been enjoying my new little video camera. I found it on Amazon and just love it. It is called FLIP. Check it out. Very inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Last weekend I had my friend Fernie's kid over for the weekend and Emili loved playing with him and they had a good time. This weekend we had our annual Adult party for Quad Graphics and it was great. Lots of fun and good music.

Here is a video of the president giving part of his speech. This week is going to be busy too. I am going to try to keep up on my blog, because I know that you like to read it. Don't be afraid to leave me a comment as well. At least if you leave a comment, I know that my writing serves some purpose. To leave a comment click on Anonymous if you don't have an account and let me know that your reading. Lots of love.

Mil disculpas por no haber escrito. He estado super ocupadisima. Estoy tratando de elistarme para mexico en abril y no he tenido mucho tiempo para escribir. Emili estaba enferma en la semana pasada y tuvo conjuncutivis en los dos ojos...pobrecita. Tambien he estado estrenando mi nueva camera de video. Se llama el FLIP. Compre el mio en Amazon a un precio que verdadamente vale la pena. No esta caro y esta padre. No temes a dejarme un comentario en mi blog (aunque sea en espanol) solamente para saber que no estoy escribiendo de dioquis..jejeje. Mucho amor.