Sunday, August 3, 2008

HaMsTeR, CaMeLs, Llamas, LaKe LabeLLe, eMiLi ThRee TouNgiNg, wAtEr HanDsTanDs

water handstands

more water action

Emili doing her famous Three Tounges.

Too much swimming

Taking a break!

Checking each other out
Fun on the beach

Somebody's legs
Sharing a cheeto
beautiful country road

I will start off from this Friday. This was a very fun weekend. My mom came over Friday night and met the new member of our family. Chubby- Emili named him Chubby because he fits nice in our family because everyone is chubby, including him. He is a dwarf hamster, which just happened to escape on Friday night. Emili has a clear plastic hamster ball for him and somehow he managed to get the lid off and ran behind the fridge at our house and it was kind of hard to get him out. Auntie, Grandma, Emili and I caught him. It was a group effort. We caught him with a net (we were afraid he might bite us) he didn't know us that well yet and put him back in his cage. Here is a picture of Auntie and Emili after the catch! Grandma stayed and we had a movie night. after the escape, chubby in his cage

Auntie and Emili being silly


Saturday was fun too. We hung out at the Lomira Pool, which has become Auntie and Emili's hangout this summer and we swam, prego mama and all...all afternoon.

swollen feet

Today is Sunday and Auntie needed to get out of Lomira...even for a little while. We went to our Grandparents farm in Neosho, WI and visited them for a while. It was nice. Then we went to Lake La Belle in Oconomowoc, WI. It was a beautiful day with great scenery. We found some Camels, LLamas, Donkeys, Cows, Pigs, Dogs, Goats, no particular order. Great day we stuck around until the rain clouds rolled in...summer in Wisconsin doesn't last too yoreat weekend for swimming. Check out the pictures. Hope you enjoy... WE DID!!!

sunny day swim girls