Sunday, October 5, 2008

CoMiNg BacK~ ReGrEsaNdO

Well she's back. Emili 's Auntie came back on Thursday and was missed. The twin mother has returned. Emili was having a hard time without her for two weeks. I was told that I am not "cool" enough. I know exactly what Emili is talking about because I feel that same way about my Aunt Mary. When I was little I always awaited her arrival from Japan. She lived there and would come back every summer to spend some time with the family. I always waited for her to come home to tell me about something new and cool... and of course to bring something new and cool. I still remember all of the cool things she would bring us back. Life is funny sometimes. Most days I can't remember what I ate for lunch, but I can remember that I got a kind of candy tooth brush with candy tooth paste from her when I was about 11. I thought it was the coolest thing because I had never seen anything like it before.

So Friday night my Aunt Mary delivered again. Being the cool Aunt that she is... we had a pj party at my grandparents Farm in Neosho, WI. It was really a nice time to spend with my Grandparents and my "cool Aunt Mary". Even now I am almost 30 and she still takes time to spend with me. I don't think that Emili will be disappointed with her Auntie when she is 30 too. My Aunt is going to be my birthing coach again with this baby. She was with Emili too. It is nice to know that your Auntie is always going to be there.

I guess when you are a mother you just assume that your children love you unconditionally. I know that Emili loves me. It is just in a different-- Not cool "Auntie" way of loving. So I know that my mom understands too that it is just a different kind of bond.

We had a big weekend. We went to Discovery World in Milwaukee yesterday and then we went to the Mineshaft in Hartford for dinner and played in the game room. Today is a good day for "flopping" as we refer to it in my house.. Laying around. There wasn't much of that done today however though. I was going through baby clothes and putting things away and laundry and cleaning and Auntie and Emil decided to go for a bike ride. We went through the garage and winterized it too. Even the snow blower got started up!!! Yep a bike ride in good old Wisconsin October weather. Rainy and not even 50 degrees!!! Yikes. They came home chilled too the bone and soaking wet, but apparently it was worth it.