Thursday, August 30, 2007

eMiLi rEaDy 4 sChOoL

What a beautiful day today. Emili had a little bit of freedom today. She woke up with all intentions of going to daycare with me. Auntie, on the other hand, had some plans 2 spoil her. I left her at home with Auntie and Auntie took her "school shopping". Emili is now ready to make her big debut at Theresa Elementary School on Sept 4. THANK YOU AUNTIE!! She will be decked out in her new "High School Musical" gear...we especially like the "I LOVE ZAC EFRON" backpack. For anyone that doesn't know about High School Musical, it is like GREASE....MMM. Zac Efron is plays a character like John Travolta in GREASE. John Trovolta was a hottie then...mmmm.....
Auntie also booked Emili's birthday party for Sept 8th at Chucky Cheez in Brookfield. (Emili is still freaked out of Chucky the mouse)... She is so terrified of him that she shakes. She loves the place, but hopefully now she is over her "mouse in a costume" phobia. She can take along 6 of her friends, so I am assuming that all her friends from the neighborhood will be going.
So when I came home on lunch today to check on Emili and Megan, I found Megan and Miguel in her bedroom .....HANGING CURTAINS...Emili was outside playing with the kids from the neighborhood. Emili was really happy to see her daddy. Emili got her a Chicken Pox booster today. Well not a lot new today.