Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hot tamales for two hot tamales. My friend Fernie text messaged me this morning to let me know that his mother was making tamales and invited me over for dinner. Knowing this of course I had to call my mother who is a BIG fan of tamales. My friends mother made 2 dozen 4 my mom to freeze and eat later. Now that I am living close I was able to go and hand deliver the goods to my mom.
My friends mother (Panchita) hahaha, will unfortunately be going back 2 Texas now that canning factory season is coming to an end and boy will she (and her cooking) b missed. This summer has consisted of Chiles Rellenos, Gorditas and many other mexican dishes.
Speaking of Mexicans, today I had to translate 4 a little 8 year old girl and kids say the darnest things sometimes. I had to interpret for this little girl. A dentist that I work with is from Indian and dark skinned and has a cute accent. The little girl said (in Spanish) via translation "Mr. u talk really funny...are you Chinese"... hahahaha. Well, when I went to school for interpretation that is how they taught us to interpret...word for word... It was kind of hard through the chuckling. Everyone had a good laugh.
Here is Emili and I at my moms house delivering the "goods"....mmmmmmmmmmm
Emili made several things at daycare today including, a close pin thinger to hold her stuffed animals. Grandma says that she smells purple today... ya she is weird. I think it might b because she has a purple dress on today. Auntie is going to Walmart tonight ( or in the early am) i think around 3 am to buy school supplies for Emili. I went last week and bought all the wrong supplies. I bought the supplies for the Lomira school district and not the Theresa school. Auntie is all about Hanna Montana and High School Musical these dates. She is all into the Disney Channel! Lets c what she will get. Well that is all 4 today. Hasta manana from 2 hot Tamales.