Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New 2 this

Well, I am new to this and no Mom I am not copying you. I just figured that Emili might want to have something 2 look back on when she is grown on the great adventures of her life...so here goes. My blog is going to be more like a diary on our daily events (4 anyone that really gives a flying..) well u get the pic. While I don't think that I will ever be able 2 top "The adventures Emili has with Grandma". I figure that well, I can at least write about my boring (might as well be non-existent life) on a daily basis.

Well today was a normal day up early and off 2 work. Emili went to Quad Care all day and made friendship bracelets and stick puppets. Emili's friend came over after work and they played outside a little and on Webkinz. Emili is all taken up with her new virtual pets. fyi..snow and fluffy are very real and actually mom found herself playing around with them as well.

I have 2 say that I am quite disappointed with the Lomira School District. I called 2day to find out if I was able to meet Emili's teacher or take a tour of Theresa Elementary and they made me out 2 b a phsyco when I called. God forbid i would want 2 meet the person (s) that will b caring 4 my child 4 the next 8 months or c where she is going 2 b on a daily basis. Well, according to them, the meeting with them the first day of school should suffice. I beg 2 differ (call me overprotective).

School is starting on Sept 4 and Emili is excited yet nervous about it. This is something that i feel is really weird. Most everyone that knows me, knows that I have a twin sister named Megan. Well today was very freaky. I opened up the mailbox today to find a reminder in the mail for Megan's dental appointment on the 5 of September at 8 am. That was not the wierd part. The wierd thing is that I also have a scheduled dental appointment (different location) at the same time and on the same date!!!! That is what a I call a wierd...what is up with that>>>.>>>>??? When Megan and I were living apart (for a whole year and a half) after 27 years together we had boughten the SAME BOOK...only my version was in spanish...ya i know that i am a wierdo...she accepts me that way..")

Well that is all i have time 4 tonight..hope you keep reading. I will try to post on a daily basis.

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