Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iTs oVeR~fiNaLLy

Finally, the holidays are over and it is back into the swing of things. Busy, Busy like always. Emili and I are enjoying the new year so far. She is back to school and getting bigger every day. She is doing math flash cards everynight and we have been working very hard and double digit subtration. She is going through another growth spurt and is getting taller by the minute!!! She is wearing a 7 womans shoe!!! Her friend Hope and her were about the same height and now Emili seems to be getting taller.

Monday Emili had fun at her grandma's house after school. My mother and Emili seem to be somewhat addicted to a virtual pet website called Webkinz. Here is a link. It is a virtual pet that has to be taken care of everyday and you can play games there. Emili only has 12..... She claims "I am a good Mommy to my Webkinz"....

Yesterday, Tues we were off to Fondulac with Emili's friend Hope. We had to go to their favorite jewelry store..Claires. Then it was back home late for more flashcards and homework.

Tonight is the first night that I am home and enjoying it. I have been having some health problems lately .... my thyroid... my feet...other things... Real fun. So I am glad that the holidays are finally over. ~~~At least I am over my horrible cold. Emili's Daddy is still in Mexico and expected to be home soon ... His soon could be a couple of days, weeks or months...who knows.

Looking forward to the weekend.........................