Sunday, November 4, 2007

3 dAy wEeKeND

This weekend was really nice. Thursday night, Megan, Emili and I went out to eat and decided to pay a visit to my mom before Megan left for Japan. When we got to my mom's house, she pulled out her video camera from 1986. It was gigantic, one of the first models made. We watched videos of our 10th birthday party sleepover and from other holidays. It was weird to watch the videos from and adult standpoint. We were really, really annoying! It was cool for Emili to see what everyone she knows looked like 20 years earlier.

It is getting colder, and I am starting to hibernate! Lots of staying in and lots of stuff to do. Friday was nice. I woke up early to see Megan off to Japan and to take Emili to school. She had a half a day of school so I went to pick her up. When we came home I babysat for the downstairs neighbors little girls. They were so cute. Emili then played with the girls from the neighborhood and then it was overnight at Grandma's for her. I had a friend come up from Milwaukee and we went out in Fondulac.

I was up early to go pick up Emili on Sat. and to taste Grandpa's pancakes! Yum. I arrived just in time, Grandpa had just mixed the batter and was getting ready to make his famous cakes. We went home for a great day of Nothing... It was nice. We watched a lot of movies and Emili was bummed out because her friends weren't around to play.

Sunday was nice too. I had to go shopping and get Emili some snow pants before the "snow flys". Emili didn't want to go shopping with me, because she knows that I take forever and always end up buying things that I didn't originally have planned. I dropped her off at Grandma's house and went shopping by myself. It was nice to shop in peace, but at the same time, Emili saves me money because I can't take the time to look around. Then it was back to Grandma's house so she could shorten Emili's snow pants. I said that I had wanted her snow pants ready by the time the "snow flys". Emili wanted to know what kind of flies are "snow flys"..... We had to explain that it isn't a bug; simply an expression. Today, we had to throw out the pumpkins that we carved a while ago. Emili said her goodbye's and off to the trash can they went.

Off to the old routine tomorrow again. Monday's are always long for me because I have to work all day and attend a class at night that doesn't get done until 7. I am gone from 7-8 on Monday's and always happy to be home. Well, Hasta manana!