Monday, October 22, 2007

apProaChiNg 2008...wELComE diVerSity

Mop Head...Cabeza de trapeadora
Miss Emili Cruz... not "Emily Krus"
Emili finally got a haircut and really needed one too! Her hair was getting a little out of control. Her Daddy was referring to her as "cabeza de trapeadora" or in English "mop head". Emili gets her curly locks from her Daddy who has naturally curly hair. I remember going to get Emili's hair cut close to were her Daddy works in Milwaukee where my last name, Hall, was unheard of, but the last name Cruz was very common. I remember taking Emili in for one of her first haircuts and the woman that cut Emili's hair didn't speak any English. How about when Auntie, Emili and I went to get pedicures and it was all Chinese!!! We went to a hair salon in Mayville and Emili got a trim. I can definitely tell that we are back in Mayville because when I was registering Emili at the hair salon the receptionist registered Emili as Emily Krus. Cruz is a very common last name among Hispanics. No one could believe that her full name is Emili Julieta Cruz! As we approach 2008, I think the " folks" in Mayville will start to get used to foreign names. Like Takahashi or Cruz. Ghen Takahashi is my cousin that lives in Mayville and for the longest time he was known on the roster as GLEN.... heaven forbid someone might have a name besides John or Mike or Tom....oh don't forget Dave. MOVE OVER MAYVILLE! Make room for the Takahashi's and the Cruz's. We are here to stay with our white rice and seaweed wraps and our tacos (with a corn tortilla) and rice and beans (and know they aren't baked beans).
My cousin Ghen "Glen" Takahashi in that "robe thingy"..what is that called again..oh ya kimono.