Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hApPy bIrTHdaY to eMiLi

Today is Emili's Birthday. Seven years ago today, I gave birth to my little girl. Emili was up at 5:30 am today. When the sun rose, I put on her song and sang to her and she loved every minute of it. Then it was off to school 4 her today. I was up late last night getting Emili's snacks ready for school today. Each kid got a bag full of candy and a super ball.

I remember giving out birthday treats at my school when I was little and thinking that we (my sister and I) had the best treats in the world. For anyone that doesn't know my mother, she is a very creative person and always thinking of new things. Our b-day treats always consisted of cool little baggies stuffed full of candy and licorice sticks sticking out of the top of the bag. The kicker was the ribbons that we stuck around the bags and had to curl to make them look pretty. Emili was really excited because her bag had 2 licorice sticks in it and a very long curly ribbon! She thought she was really cool. I decided to keep Emili in the tradition of the candy bags. I thought I might through some raisins in there (just to make it healthy), but then I thought...nawww that isn't fun! Lets see what kind of night Emili has tonight. Will write more later. Don't forget to wish Emili a happy birthday. Her email is

Emili had a great birthday! We had a very nice night at home. I made a big meal and we had visitors. Sanjuana came over with 2 NEW webkins for Emili. She got a poodle and a cat. Alyssa and Clay stopped by and gave her a shooting star bear. It is a bear and you can go online and register the bear and get your own REAL star. Once u register, they send u a map of your very own star. How cool is that! Daddy called this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday and to tell her that he loves her. Her great grandmother wrote her an email too! She was very much loved on her special day. As for me...I am ready for bed...........