Friday, September 7, 2007

ToO MuCh YoGa

Today was fun...i guess. I went to work and took Emili to the bus at Quad Care and off she went to school. I was very busy at work today! I guess everybody and their brothers teeth were rotting out today. So remember in an earlier blog when i said that Megan and I are alike. Well tonight we did it again. We went out to eat and Auntie dumped steak sauce on her hash browns! I have been doing that too. We both do that...weird. Then we went to Walmart Auntie drove over the entrance way (curb thing)... KABOOM went her car and she totally freaked out. I on the other hand was uncontrollably laughing because i have done the same thing, not once, but twice...scares the crap out of me!!!

Then we came home and Megan convinced me that we had to do stress relieving Yoga because, i was stressed out by a long day at work. So we made a deal. If I didn't like it in the first 5 minutes I could stop and she wouldn't bug me about it for the rest of the night. So Emili was on Auntie's Yoga mat and I think her bladder got a little too relaxed and amongst the giggling... the river flowed..right onto the mat. Too much Yoga 4 tonight. Tomorrow is the big Chucky Cheese Party for Emili in Brookfield. So far 4 of Emili's friends are going. Auntie, Daddy and Scott will also be there! Stayed tuned for Party Mania 2morrow.