Monday, September 24, 2007

the wEeKeNd

this weekend was nice. Not a lot going on. I went on friday to my friend Theresa's house in Waukesha to get my hair cut and colored. Her daughter does it for me and she does such a nice job. We saw her 7 month old (emili's future babysitting child). Here is a pic of her. Love her to cute... Emili has it all figured out, by the time Lilly is 6, Emili will be old enough to babysit her. Emili loves to go to Theresa's house because she stuffs her full of treats and SPOILS her to death! We got back late Friday night and Sat. was a bunch of nothing. We stayed close to home. Yesterday was pretty much the same thing. We stayed home and prepared for the bunk beds which are coming today Monday! Emili is so excited because Grandpa found Bunk Beds for her and is coming over to set them up tonight!!! Stay tuned for the bunk bed saga...TO BE CONTINUED!