Sunday, September 16, 2007

tHe WeEkeNd

Well not a lot new this weekend. Emili and I had fun. Friday night we watch the dvd of my cousin James wedding in Canada. Emili said that James is no longer her "Monkey Boy". For anyone that knows my cousin James knows that he worked in Costa Rica with monkeys and Emili refers to him as Monkey Boy. It was a beautiful wedding and they looked really happy. Wish I could have been there!

Saturday I was going to get my oil changed, when Auntie and Scott came home from their vacation at Door County. We hung around here for a while and watched some video and pictures of their vacation. It looked like a lot of fun. Then we decieded to go fishing at the pond here in Lomira. It was a really nice day, a little cool though. Scott caught a couple of little guys and we ended up throughing them back. Turns out that Emili really likes to fish. Then we ordered Chinese and went over to my Moms house in Mayville. We had a nice visit and watched the pics and video of Door County again. When we came home we were able to turn on our fireplace for the first time and it was great! It looks really nice and really heats up our place quickly. We hit the hay early last night.

Today is Sunday and not a lot going on again. Emili and I went to Fond du Lac to get my oil changed in my car, then we went to Walmart to pick up some odds and ends. After that we took some water from our aquarium at home into Petco to get it tested. I was thinking that it was going to need some more chemicals, before we were able to buy fish. I didn't want to get Emili's hopes of buying fish up. Well, it turns out the water was just fine so we bought 4 goldfish and put in our little white frog (aka Ribity). Just going to enjoy the rest of the night here at home. Maybe enjoy some Margaritas and Enchiladas.

That is all 4 now. Buenas Noches!