Monday, September 10, 2007

Party, party party

Well, What can i say about this weekend. It was a blast. Emili celebrated her 7th Birthday at Chucky Cheese and it was party, party party all weekend. We had a great time. On Sat. Emili's friends came over and we all went to Chucky Cheese in Brookfield. Emili's 5 friends went. Hope, Lexie, Nadia, Valeria and Stephanie. Emili's Auntie and her boyfriend Scott and Emili's Daddy were there too. Fun was had by all. Emili's recieved lots of really nice presents and even got to dance with Chucky. After 5 hours at Chucky Chesse's mom decieded to call it quits.
We got home around 8 and then Emili played for the remainder of the night. I was too tired to blog.

Sunday was a very nice day too. Emili went with Auntie and Scott over to my dad's house in Lowell, WI. I stayed back and relaxed. Then I went with my mom and my stepdad to my grandparents and was joined by Emili and crew. We had a nice time and a party. Emili had two cakes and loved eating both of them! It was a great weekend had by all! Back 2 the grind today. More birthday fun on her birthday Wed the 12th!