Monday, September 17, 2007

If u r reading this...Si estas leyendo esto......

WE ARE THINKING ABOUT U IF U R READING THIS. Chances r that if u r reading this, we know u, knew u, or r thinking about u. So, i think u should leave me a comment acting like u care. 2 leave a comment simple click on the comment section on the bottom of todays blog and make urself anonymous if you don't have an account. It is really quite simple.

Today was a typical busy Monday for me. Emili and I were off early and she went off 2 school and I off to work. Ribity (our frog) seems to be adjusting well to our new fish tank. He was kinda freaking it yesterday... we had to spend some quality time with him before leaving this am. I was kind of excited when my class after work was canceled today. I am happy it was because when I got my mom's house to pick up Emili Grandma was hurting. She did something 2 her back today. I cleaned out my car... Hallelujah... and we had to stop at my friend Fernie's house tonight so Emili could say hi to her friends and play for a couple of minutes. We are back at home now and it is off 2 bed early 4 us. Emili is going to read me a book. That is all 4 tonight.