Saturday, September 1, 2007

pLaY dAy 4 eMiLi

Ya today was definitely uneventful. It was very busy for Emili. Hope (emili's friend) was over early am and they played outside and had lots of fun. Auntie woke up early today and then took Emili to the last day that the LOMIRA POOL was open. There were no breaks in celebration of the last day, so it was SWIM till ya drop. Meanwhile, I stayed back at home and cleaned and cleaned. Being laid up from my surgery for the last 2 weeks, has really put a damper on house chores.

Emili passed out the invites to her birthday party at Chucky Cheeze and all the kids were excited. She played some more after coming home from the pool. She came home for supper and went back out for more playing until it got dark.

I stayed home all day on a beautiful day and cleaned and organized...boring.... At least I got to talk to my good friend David from Chicago for a little while on MSN messenger. He will be coming up to visit in two weeks to see the new place. I haven't seen him in about 2 months so it will be nice for him to visit and see where I am originally from . Since he lives in Chicago he has only visited me in Milwaukee and also to my grandparents farm in Neosho, a couple of years ago. My girlfriends are all coming over for a labor day get together on Monday (hence the intense cleaning). It will be nice to blend a little of my old city past with a little Lomira action! Not a lot of news today. Will write more tomorrow...stayed tuned for Sunday action...