Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tWo 26 cEnT- gOldFiSh sWaM aWaY 2 tHe PorCeLaiN gOd

Yep that is right. Two of our four fish have now bitten the big one...swam away to the porcelain god. I am glad I opted for the 26 cent fish. I woke up this am and one was floating in the coral and now when I came home from work one was floating at the top. I think the ammonia level might be off. When we went to petco the woman said the ammonia level was a little high, but nothing to worry about. Well now I think that maybe the level is too high. I will have to take the water back in for testing and add the appropriate chemicals.
Emili has been handling it really well. It was off to school and she only had a half a day today, so I got to spend time with her on my lunch break. That was nice. Hope (emili's friend) is over again tonight and they are playing again. Emili announced to me that Hope is able to stay till 8:30 tonight. Little does she know that she still has to do homework and Mom is going to have to send her home early tonight... Not looking forward to that. We will see how that goes. Hope you all enjoyed my earlier blog about the instant messaging acronyms... Maybe now you can decipher your kids text messaging. hahahah